Nikan Rebuilt (Preload #3) by 

pffffiou Everytime....EVERY DAMN TIME I read about these men, I'm crying! Scarlett Cole write that kind of books who can get you all emotional in 2 seconds...Nikan Rebuilt is intense... like the whole serie...and the one before this one.. Scarlett Cole do a excellent job  for me to be a mess that's for sure and I love every second of it!
Even if the characters had a hard past... this book gave you hope...feelling like nothing is impossible no matter what...Nikan had made a lot of mistake and have a lot of issues but he realise what he did wrote and worked hard to do it better...he fought hard...and again to succeed!! 
Jenny is a strong woman, but she's been hurt ...and Nikan is the reason... but Love... True Love can't die easly....
This book is intense, sweet and emotional...
Can't wait to read the next one..; but I really don't want this serie to end :( :(