In Sophia Henry's blistering follow-up to Delayed Penalty, hailed as “sexy, fun, and full of angst” by L. P. Dover, a good girl and a hockey hunk face off against expectations—and this match is guaranteed to see plenty of action.

Beneath her innocent facade, Gabriella Bertucci has her reasons to be standoffish with guys. Especially guys like Landon Taylor, a star defenseman on the minor-league Detroit Pilots and the object of a serious crush since he first walked into her family's market. But when Landon comes through for her in a moment of crisis, Gaby starts to wonder if there might be more to Landon than hard muscles and fast skates.

Landon isn't afraid of telling Gaby that he's got it for her bad. The problem is, she seems unwilling to believe it. And though Landon enjoys his reputation as a cool-headed athlete, he hates losing—both on the rink and off. It's his competitiveness that makes him so damn good at what he does . . . but it also makes him just a little bit complicated.

One minute Gaby's tempted to give in; the next, she's getting cold feet. How can she trust a guy who's destined for bigger and better things to stick around? Then again, when Landon pulls her close with those powerful arms, the only thing that matters is right now.



hum hum .. so...I don't know where to start and what to say :( :(  Maybe I was expected too much?! Maybe I wasn't in the right place to read this book...I had a hard time reading this book... It's too quick...too much...too light...There is not enought feeling for me... deep feeling...I need struggle...tears...She was rape... but we can't feel that it affected her too much... I don't know how to express myself...Same for London... I'm sorry... really sorry... 

I'm gonna read the next one for sure.... I just hoped that I will like it :))