Unlike her best friend Emma Fitzgerald, Casey Rossi had never been overly maternal. She much preferred parties with Patron to Pampers and pacifiers. Most of all, she enjoyed a healthy sex life with her husband, Nate. But all that changed with the birth of their daughter. While motherhood is a thrilling, new adventure and her love for Nate grows even stronger seeing him be a wonderful father, Casey can’t ignore how stagnant things have become between her once steamy sheets. Between her exhaustion and Nate’s schedule at the hospital, there’s little time or energy for sex. She can deal with sporting spit-up stained clothes and a few sleepless nights, but she can’t abide losing the white-hot connection with her hubs.

No matter what it takes, Casey is determined to resuscitate her flat lining sex life. She starts out seeking the advice of her friends, Emma and Megan. But she’s desperate enough to try anything that she even solicits the advice of reformed manwhore, Aidan Fitzgerald, which turns into a fiasco of epic proportions.

Will any of Casey’s intentions be successful at reigniting her lost bedroom heat, or will they fail and cause matters to fizzle even worse? It’s one hell of a predicament.



If you follow my blog, you must know that I'm a huge Katie Ashley's fan! Yep! And this book is no exception! If you know this serie, you know who Casey & Nate are ^^ I'm not gonna repet the blurb... so it's gonna be short! I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiked this book! Even if for me it's too short.. Yeah I wanted more^^ More Nate... More Aiden ^^ This book is hot, thanks to Nate because Casey had some issues...or not, she know how to heated a room that's for sure ahaha

It was so good to read about these characters again, I missed them!! :))

I really hope that is not the last one * fingers crossed*