Let's play Book Tag

Here’s how you play

I will give a list of 10 books. You have to list the books, and then write one sentence that either, relates to what you think of when reading the book or something about the book, and then a gif to show your reaction.
Then, tag people and list ten books for them to do this with! When you receive this make sure you mention who tagged you and pass it on!


1.Beautiful Disaster - Jamie McGuire

giphy (11)

One of the first book I read in english 


2. Before Jamaica Lane - Samantha Young

200 (7)

When It's release day! I'm a huge SY's fan

3. Fixed on you - Laurelin Paige


Nobody is better than Hudson Pierce


4. Collide - Gail McHugh

giphy (8)



5. Travis - Nicole Edwards


200 (1)

Sexual tension ^^ 


6. Take - Ella Frank

giphy (2)

So hoooooooot! 


7. The Deal - Elle Kennedy

200 (2)

Me when I saw the cover 


8. Raw - Belle Aurora

200 (6)

It's on my TBR for a while now...but I'm scared to read it 


9. King - T.M. Frazier

200 (5)

It's on my TBR... I just hope that I'm gonna have the time to read it lool 


10 Debt - Nina G. Jones

giphy (7)

oops I didn't know this book


I tag... 

Aaly http://aalyandthebooks.com/

Wenn http://www.obsessedwithromance.com/

Julie http://junbookin.blogspot.fr/


And here are your books!

1 - The offer - Karina Halle
2- Revved - Samantha Towle
3- D'un commun accord - Sophie Jomain
4- Shaken, not stirred - Sawyer Bennett
5- Le premier pas - Angela Behelle
6- Beautiful bastard - Christina Lauren
7- The Duet - R.S Grey
8- Losing it - Cora Carmack
9- Frenched - Melanie Harlow
10- Fall With me - Jennifer Armentrout
(if you haven’t read one fill in with your own pick)