26 janvier 2015

Before Ryan Was Mine (The Remembrance Trilogy - Prequel) by Kahlen Aymes

When Ryan Matthews meets Julia Abbott for the first time at Stanford University, he immediately knows she will change his life.  They have an instant, unbreakable connection that goes beyond partying and palpable attraction. Although Ryan’s intelligence and good looks land him any girl he wants, he hesitates to cross that line with Julia because she is quickly becoming the best friend he’s ever had.    As the bond between them grows stronger, they are both forced to watch the other cavort with the opposite... [Lire la suite]
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24 janvier 2015

Dominic : The Prince (Ties of Steel #2) by M.J. Fields

The Italian, seductive, quiet alpha, Dominic Segretti, is leaving Livorno, Italy and headed for the Jersey Shore.His family's business is in danger of crumbling under the management of a man who tormented and grossly underestimated his investment in a business he grew up loving, and the hatred of a man who made his life hell for thirteen years.He has been quietly waiting for the right moment to bring Benito Deluca to his knees. He comes to the US, armed with enough evidence to prove his case to, Josephine Steel, his aunt, and his... [Lire la suite]
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23 janvier 2015

Yeah :))

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22 janvier 2015

Show Stopper (Rock & Release #3) by Riley Edgewood

Cassidy Evans is spinning in a whirlwind of romance, rock stars, and racy romps between the sheets. And in steamy showers. And in fancy tour buses… Her mind is closed to the memories that hurt her. Her heart is locked against those she's trying to forget. Every day is a new opportunity for fun, and Cassidy's determined to make the most of her summer. No looking back. Not even a little bit. Except her whirlwind unravels into a storm of betrayal and humiliation, and Cassidy might not be able to land on her feet. Even if she... [Lire la suite]
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20 janvier 2015

Trouble Makers (Trouble #4) by Emme Rollins

When your best friend falls in love with a rock star, you either join her in her fixation, or you spend a lot of nights eating ice cream and watching Netflix by yourself. If you can’t beat them, join them, isn’t that what they say? While Bree—my best friend since forever—couldn’t get enough of “Trouble” and their lead singer, Rob Burns, I set my sights a little lower – and to the left. Rob’s immediate left, that is, at least on stage. Tyler Cook was Trouble’s lead guitarist, a tall, glorious, dark blonde, beautiful specimen of... [Lire la suite]
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20 janvier 2015

Justified (Alfha Law Firm #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

After the first sighting, he’s fascinated.After the first smile, he’s infatuated.By the first kiss, he’s obsessed. Nolan sees Chloe through a window of a bakery in downtown Manhattan. At first sight, something about her calls to a piece of him he thought was lost. Without thinking, he begins watching her, and when the moment presents itself, he strikes, claiming Chloe for himself. For a man who is used to getting what he wants Nolan wont let anyone or anything stand in his way.   Review ahaha oh god this book...I love... [Lire la suite]
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20 janvier 2015

Mr. Beautiful (Up in the Air #4) by R.K. Lilley

I’ve been remade four times in my life. It is a distinct feeling. Impossible to mistake. The very marked sensation of being unraveled and reknit into a new thing, a new person. It can be good or bad, helpful or harmful, but above all, it is unstoppable. I was remade when my parents died, went from a happy childhood, into navigating a very dark world, with endless responsibilities, surrounded by enemies, and despairingly alone. It happened again at the hands of a cowardly predator. I’d become angrier with that one,... [Lire la suite]
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20 janvier 2015

The Roommate by J.J. Phillips (ARC provided by the author for an honest review)

 When Dani places an ad for a roommate, she never expects the jaw-dropping stud that shows up on her doorstep. Jamie is sexy and confident, a distractible combination Dani doesn’t need in her life right now. Dani needs the extra cash so she can afford to showcase her original artwork at her gallery’s open house. If she says no to Jamie as her roommate, she’ll have to give up on her dreams and close her studio. But if she says yes, she might have to give in to her carnal desires…   Review I enjoyed this book :))  but... [Lire la suite]
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20 janvier 2015

D'un commun accord de Sophie Jomain

   « Jane, que serais-tu prête à faire pour expier tes fautes ? » Escroc, voleur, menteur, tricheur… Les adjectifs n’ont jamais manqué pour définir Martin Legrand.Égoïste, vénale, jalouse, sournoise, des épithètes qui ont toujours collé à la peau de Jane Stewart. Mais cette fois, elle est prête à se faire pardonner. Ils reprendront les choses là où ils les avaient laissées. Avant l'accident, avant que leur vie ne vole en éclats.   Mon avis Ouiiii vous ne rêvez pas, c'est bien du français!! :) Pour avoir lu le 1er... [Lire la suite]
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19 janvier 2015

Du français :))

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